Sun Elevation

Nathan Smith-Manley

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The elevation of the sun can be calculated mathematically using the following formula:

sin(θ) = sin(φ) * sin(δ) + cos(φ) * cos(δ) * cos(H)


θ is the solar elevation angle, which represents the height of the sun above the horizon.

φ is the observer's latitude.

δ is the declination angle of the sun, which represents the angle between the equatorial plane and the position of the sun.

H is the hour angle, which represents the angular distance of the sun from the observer's meridian.

To use this formula, you would need to know the observer's latitude and the date and time of day. The declination angle of the sun can be calculated using astronomical tables or formulas that take into account the date and time of day. The hour angle can be calculated by subtracting the local solar time from the solar noon time at the observer's location. Once these values are known, they can be substituted into the formula to calculate the solar elevation angle.

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